Smart charging ‘could cut cost of adopting EV taxis across London’

UK Power Networks warns charging point usage could add 220MW to the city’s demand levels

London’s adoption of electric taxis means network upgrades are required – smart charging could reduce the cost of new investments by up to 70%.

That’s according to research by UK Power Networks (UKPN), which warns without smart charging, increasing charge point usage could add 220MW to demand levels across the region by 2033, equivalent to more than 130,000 new homes.

Licence requirements mean new black cabs will need to be zero emission capable from 2018.

Smart charging helps drivers charge their vehicle outside peak electricity demand times and reduces some of the need to build more substations and cable routes.

Ian Cameron, Head of Innovation at UKPN, said: “We are committed to enabling the low carbon transport revolution and improving the air quality of our towns and cities.

“The results of Black Cab Green show that enabling vehicles to charge at off-peak times and managing how much additional demand they create at peak times, is by far the most cost-effective way to do this.”

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