Jaguar Land Rover plugs in ‘UK’s largest’ smart EV charging facility

A total of 166 smart chargers have been installed at its Gaydon engineering centre in Warwickshire

Smart charging ‘could cut cost of adopting EV taxis across London’

UK Power Networks warns charging point usage could add 220MW to the city’s demand levels

Smart charging ‘could save EV drivers £170 a year’

Smarter electric vehicle (EV) charging systems that ensure cars are charged during periods of peak supply could save the average owner around £170 a year. That’s according to new research, which predicts the number of battery-powered cars on UK roads will grow from around 120,000 today to 10 million by 2035. If battery costs fall […]

EVs could offer 11GW of grid flexibility by 2030

Electric vehicles (EVs) could offer 11GW of rapid flexibility to the UK’s energy grid by 2030. That’s according to energy tech developer Open Energi, which suggests smart charging, which is when vehicles are charged automatically at optimal times, could support renewable generation, balance supply and demand and alleviate strain on the network. The firm finds […]