UK Government ‘must do more to protect UK against heatwaves’

That’s according to the EAC, which has criticised the government’s response to its report on heatwaves

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The UK Government must do more to protect UK against heatwaves.

That’s according to the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), which has criticised the government’s response to its report suggesting heatwave-related deaths would triple by 2050 if the new legislation and approaches to building design were not introduced.

The parliamentary oversight body claims politicians have failed to take up its key recommendations to protect people, which included implementing public information campaigns, assigning a dedicated minister to the issue, improving NHS guidance and requiring hospitals and care homes to be regularly inspected, among a range of other measures.

While the government response accepts some of the recommendations, such as creating a single adverse weather plan and improving ministerial accountability, the EAC argues ministers have not properly acknowledged many of the conclusions.

For instance, rather than agreeing to adopt 110 litres per person per day as the mandatory water efficiency standard in building regulations for all new buildings, the government has elected to keep this limit as an optional choice for councils.

Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, Mary Creagh MP, said: “There is a worrying lack of co-ordination across government and the government’s admission that all new properties are prone to overheating is astonishing.

“We are particularly disappointed that the government have decided to press ahead with using public money to build modular homes, which are particularly vulnerable to overheating, flooding and only last fifty years.”

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