Government backs space tech to fight climate change

It will invest £3m into spaced-based solar

High Court rules government net zero aim falls short of the mark

The 2050 plan lacks sufficient detail, the court has found

Green aviation government-backed with £273m

Could solar-powered planes and NHS drones be the future?

Businesses beg new PM to ‘keep net zero targets going’

These include Amazon, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Lloyds Bank

Government report explains why petrol prices are so high

This report also considers means to stop retailers taking advantage of drivers’ pockets

Energy Security Bill introduced into Parliament

These 26 new measures have been set to put the UK on a path to a cleaner, domestic energy market

Government grilled over oil drilling decision

Surrey County Council branded the decision as “disappointing”

Government to announce £330m climate finance

This investment will help developing countries fight climate change

Government invests £31m to slash industry emissions

This funding will be split into low carbon technologies including hydrogen and carbon capture

Net zero behaviour change. Who is responsible?

In this post I reflect on a conversation around making sustainable choices. Is it the consumers responsibility for achieving net zero?