BT rings up renewables to 94% of the business

The telecommunications company plans to only use clean power by 2020

The BT logo on a wall

BT is only 4% away from its target to go 100% renewable by 2020.

The telecommunications giant has signed two new deals enabling 96% of its global operations to be powered entirely by clean sources of electricity, up from 81% last year.

Mobile network EE, which makes up part of BT, is now powered by 100% certified renewable sources such as wind farms and solar plants.

This is expected to save more than 100 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions a year, equivalent to planting 4.5 million new trees.

BT also aims to become a net zero carbon emission business by 2045 and has set a target to reduce its emissions by 87% by 2030.

Andy Wales, Chief Digital Impact & Sustainability Officer said: “We recently announced our pledge to become a net zero carbon emission business by 2045 and today’s renewable energy deals mark another important step in reaching our ambitious sustainability goals.

“We hope that by leading by example we can inspire others to take action and drive the transition to a low carbon economy.”

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