Tata Power plugs in giant energy storage system in India

It is said to be the largest project of its kind in South Asia

Big Zero Report 2022

Tata Power has inaugurated what is claimed to be the first grid-scale battery storage system in India.

Battery-based energy storage enables electricity to be stored and delivered within milliseconds, reducing instability of the electric grid and enabling more energy to be captured and delivered on demand.

Tata Power said the 10MW system – owned by AES and Mitsubishi – at its substation in Rohini, Delhi is the largest in South Asia and will provide better peak load management, system flexibility and reliability to more than two million customers.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Power said: “Tata Power’s collaboration with AES and Mitsubishi is one of the significant milestones in the Indian power sector.

“Grid-scale energy storage will pave the way for ancillary market services, power quality management, effective renewable integration and peak load management of Indian grids.”

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