Climate change: Regional collaboration centre established in Dubai

The Centre aims to help accelerate climate action in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

Tata Power plugs in giant energy storage system in India

It is said to be the largest project of its kind in South Asia

UK offers £10m to bring green energy to Africa and South Asia

Projects must address the World Energy Council’s ‘Energy Trilemma’: cost, emissions and security of supply

South Asia and Pacific to receive $80bn for climate action

Countries in the regions are said to be at the highest risk of plummeting into deeper poverty and disaster

World Bank: Climate change could push 100m into poverty by 2030

Climate change could force more than 100 million additional people into poverty by 2030. That’s according to a new report from the World Bank, which said climate change is already preventing people from escaping poverty. It found the poorest people are more exposed to climate-related shocks such as floods, droughts and heat waves and higher […]

$120m to improve India-Bangladesh power link

Bangladesh is receiving $120 million (£78m) to boost the capacity of its power link with India. The fund, provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), will help increase the transmission capacity of the cross-border electricity link from 500mW to 1,000MW. It will support power exchanges across South Asia and help Bangladesh meet its energy demand […]

Coal is key to generate electricity in South Asia

Coal is still the main energy source to generate electricity in South Asia. That’s according to a study made by the World Bank, which stated it would account for more than 60% of electricity production in the region between 2015 and 2040. Electricity generation from renewable sources stands at just 25%. The research also stated the region […]

Climate change could slash South Asia’s GDP by 9% – report

South Asia could see economic losses of up to 9% of its GDP every year by the end of the century if the world continues to invest in fossil fuels. That’s according to a new report form the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which predicts the collective economy of six countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the […]

Fukushima-style tsunamis threaten 23 other nuclear sites

Tsunamis and natural disasters like the one which caused Japan’s Fukushima nuclear crisis threaten 23 other nuclear sites around the world. Research published in the Natural Hazards journal suggests 74 reactors at 23 plants are in areas at risk, mostly in South East Asia. The 15-metre tsunami which swept into Japan on 11 March 2011 […]

Nepal’s first wind-solar power system installed

Nepal has had its first mini wind-solar hybrid power system installed last month. Dhaubadi, Nepal’s first ‘renewable energy village’, has installed two sets of 5 kW wind turbines as part of pilot project with the financial and technical support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The electricity from the mini-grid for about 50 households means […]