Birmingham company commits to cleaning up air with electric switch

We Clean has pledged to switch its entire commercial fleet to EVs over the next five years

Big Zero Report 2022

A cleaning company in Birmingham has taken the delivery of its first three electric vehicles (EVs).

It is part of We Clean’s commitment to switch its entire commercial fleet to cleaner vehicles over the next five years to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

It has also cut its carbon impact using super-concentrated cleaning products, recycled paper products and chemical free cleaning since 2014.

Supplied by Nissan, the EVs have a 40kWh battery with a 150-mile range – the vehicles are expected to reduce carbon emissions by around 30 metric tonnes over three years.

We Clean Director David Harker said: “This is the first significant step to achieving our commitment of improving the carbon footprint of our entire commercial fleet of some 20 plus vehicles. Our initial focus has been to concentrate on those vehicles serving Birmingham city centre and its built-up areas.

“We know that air pollution – mainly caused by vehicles on our roads – is harmful to those living, working and studying in Birmingham. As a cleaning company, we have a duty to ensure that our processes are as clean and environmentally responsible as possible.”

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