Government warms up for major heat pump trial

BEIS is seeking bids for around £16.5m of contracts for the management and delivery of the demonstration project

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The government is seeking bids for a major heat pump demonstration project that would see the rollout of the technology and other energy efficiency measures in 750 homes.

The Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project is making around £16.5 million available, with the aim of demonstrating the feasibility of a large-scale rollout of heat pumps in Britain.

BEIS is seeking to appoint a contractor to manage and co-ordinate the project on behalf of the department, three regional contractors to deliver the project and an independent contractor to evaluate the overall delivery of the project against the agreed performance indicators and metrics.

It hopes to recruit enough participants to deliver 1,800 home suitability surveys in order to understand the technical and practical feasibility of a larger project.

That will be followed by the installation of heat pumps and energy efficient technologies in 750 homes across a representative range of housing archetypes, with the majority on the gas grid.

The project objectives include the demonstration that heat pumps, including gas-electric hybrids, can deliver high satisfaction across a wide range of consumers; the practical and technical feasibility of the technology; and learning to help improve awareness across the heating supply chain, raise acceptance and support wider deployment of heat pumps in Britain.

The initial bids for the management contractor must be submitted by 25th September 2019.

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