Two councils granted £36m to trial innovative ways of adapting to coastal erosion

East Yorkshire and North Norfolk were chosen because they are already living with the challenges of coastal erosion and 84% of the properties in the areas are at risk over the next 20 years

‘Historic milestone’ as Ukraine connected to European power grid

The trial project will enable Ukraine to keep its power system stable and decouple it from Russia

‘Industry-first’: New £5m trial to decarbonise heat launched in Scotland

The project will explore how electricity networks can manage the expected increase in power demand by moving to electric heating solutions most efficiently and cost-effectively

Robot dog could soon be sniffing out hazards at Sellafield nuclear site

Sellafield Ltd held a three-day trial of Spot, the mobile robot dog developed by Boston Dynamics, at the Calder Hall nuclear power station which is currently being decommissioned

Sprint Power develops wireless charging for electric taxis ahead of UK trial

A total of 10 modified electric taxis will be trialled under the scheme, in which drivers will transport members of the public in real-world tests for a six-month period in Nottingham

New £30m large-scale UK trial to remove greenhouse gases begins

One of the projects will investigate the management of peatlands to maximise their removal of greenhouse gas emissions

‘World’s first’ tech to maintain system stability to be trialled in the UK

SP Energy Networks expects the project to reduce network operating costs by between £53m and £66m, helping cut customers’ bills

Trojan Energy trials innovative ‘discreet’ EV chargers in London

It is installing 200 of the chargers across Brent and Camden for people without driveways or garages, with the technology having no permanent footprint or ‘street clutter’

SP Energy Networks trials new tech to manage faults in real time

The Real Time Fault Level Monitors are currently being trialled in substations across Chester, Liverpool and Warrington as part of a £140,000 project

Svante explores carbon capture tech for Chevron

The firm will evaluate the feasibility and design of a 10,000 tonne-per-year carbon capture unit for potential deployment in one of Chevron’s California facilities