Mixed technology approach to decarbonising off-grid homes ‘could save £7bn’

Liquid Gas UK notes this offers the equivalent of more than £4,700 of savings for homeowners

Big Zero Report 2022

A mixed technology approach to decarbonising the heating systems of the UK’s 1.5 million off-grid rural homes would save over £7 billion.

That’s the suggestion from Liquid Gas UK, the trade association for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry in the UK, which notes this offers the equivalent of more than £4,700 of savings for homeowners.

It claims only the rapid replacement of technologies in a mixed or fully electrified approach would allow the UK to meet its climate targets and says the mixed technology approach would be significantly more cost-effective – this would involve offering off-grid consumers the choice of a range of low carbon options including BioLPG and heat pumps, among other solutions.

George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK, said: “We need to kick-start the deployment of low carbon heating options with a policy framework that supports a mixed approach as clearly this is the best option for consumers.

“This should include measures such as oil boiler or oil tank scrappage systems to incentivise the 1.1 million consumers currently on oil to make the switch.”

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