Mars and Nestle join Total in plastic recycling consortium

The businesses join Citeo and Recycling Technologies in the move, which aims to develop a chemical recycling industry in France

Big Zero Report 2022

Mars and Nestlé have teamed up with Citeo, Total and Recycling Technologies to develop the chemical recycling of plastics in France.

The businesses claim the move creates a first-of-its-kind consortium of businesses from across the plastic packaging value chain and have committed to increasing the proportion of plastic rubbish they recycle.

The firms say they will examine the technical and economic feasibility of recycling complex plastic waste, such as small, flexible and multilayered food-grade packaging, which is often burned or sent to landfill because it is not considered to be recyclable.

Bernard Pinatel, President Refining & Chemicals at Total, said: “By addressing the circular economy challenges of food-grade plastics, chemical recycling is a perfect addition to our existing mechanical recycling activities.

“The project announced today to develop an industrial sector involving major players in the packaging value chain is an important step in our ambition to produce 30% recycled polymers by 2030.”

The US Department of Energy recently launched a new competition aimed at accelerating innovation in energy efficient plastics recycling technologies.

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