Contract for ITER buildings extended until 2025

Fusion for Energy has extended the fusion project’s ‘Architect Engineer’ contract with the Engage consortium

Fusion for Energy (F4E) has extended the contract to design and construct the buildings for the ITER project with the Engage consortium until 2025.

The contract covers the delivery of the entire building and civil infrastructure scope of the fusion project – it will now continue to be delivered by the consortium, made up of Assystem, Atkins, Egis and Empresarios Agrupados.

The contract renewal is worth around €30 million (£25.35m) and was initially awarded to Engage in 2010.

The majority of ITER buildings are now close to completion, with six buildings at the site already delivered.

The next phase of the work will require Engage to deliver the Tokamak building in 2020, a key milestone in achieving first plasma in 2025.

Hubert Labourdette, Managing Director of Engage, said: “Thanks to the high level of collaboration with F4E and all stakeholders of the project, we have collectively succeeded in delivering the buildings of one of the most complex and challenging projects in the world.

“This extension from F4E is a recognition of our added value and contribution. It reinforces our commitment to support the successful delivery of ITER, which is crucial for future generations.”

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