Saudi energy firm helps build mobile hospital for pandemic

The fully-equipped facility is part of the nation’s commitment to minimising Covid-19 casualties and is scheduled to start operations within 70 days of construction starting

The Saudi Arabian energy sector has committed to building a 100-bed mobile hospital facility to help the nation combat coronavirus.

To be built by ACWA Power and THABAT, it’s expected to be fully operational after 70 days of construction and is part of the energy sector’s preventive measures to reduce fatalities.

Mohammad Abunayyan, ACWA Power Chairman, said, “We are an active part of the Saudi energy sector and remain in full solidarity with all national initiatives to overcome this crisis.

“Leveraging our technical expertise and capabilities in mobilising and deploying highly secured projects, we believe this project will supplement existing medical resources by providing a dedicated facility, quickly and efficiently to help diagnose, support and treat Covid-19 patients.”

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