Ivory Coast to host 44MW hydropower project

The Singrobo project could reduce carbon emissions by 240,000 tonnes per annum, create 500 jobs and supply power to the Ivory Coast grid by 2023

The Big Zero report

African power company Themis plans to build a 44MW hydropower project in Ivory Coast, Western Africa.

The Singrobo hydropower project could generate up to 217GWh of affordable, clean power annually and reduce carbon emissions by 124,000 tonnes per annum.

The project is further estimated to provide construction jobs to more than 500 workers and supply electricity to the Ivorian power grid by 2023, through a 35-year Power Purchase Agreement.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be €195 million (£173.5m).

The development complies with the African Development Bank Operational Safeguards and the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards, to minimise the environmental impact.

The renewable project has now received a Full Notice to Proceed for its construction.

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