McDonald’s launches french fries cooking oil-to-biofuel project in the Netherlands

The fuel will be used in trucks, which deliver goods to 252 Dutch McDonald’s restaurants

Big Zero Report 2022

McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands will be recycling the used cooking oil from french fries into a low carbon biofuel.

McDonald’s has partnered with the supplier of renewable diesel refined from waste and residue, Neste and supply chain management and logistics provider HAVI, to collaborate in an oil recycling project.

The fuel will be used in HAVI trucks, which deliver goods to 252 Dutch McDonald’s restaurants.

The project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 90% during the fuel’s life cycle compared to fossil sourced diesel.

Jeroen Dekkers, Head of Supply Chain at McDonald’s Netherlands, said: “Circularity and reducing waste are one of the pillars of our ongoing sustainability program. The collaboration with Neste and HAVI is an excellent example of how we can make circularity a practical reality.

“We are connecting the recycling of a valuable waste fraction, which we have been doing for years, to our ambitions to reduce our climate impact.”

Carl Nyberg, Executive Vice President for Neste’s Renewable Road Transportation business unit, commented: “The used cooking oil from McDonald’s is an excellent raw material for our Neste MY Renewable Diesel. The fuel is a renewable low-emission alternative to fossil diesel and requires no modifications to existing diesel-powered engines.”

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