New EU fuel labelling informs drivers on environmental impact

They will include information on the maximum biofuel content in the fuels

Indonesia and Malaysia join forces to fight EU phase-out of palm oil biofuels

The EU plans to cut the use of palm oil as biodiesel from 2030

Motorists ‘losing out due to government hesitancy on green fuels’

That’s according to the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol, which says the delay is unwarranted

New enzyme-based biofuel technology? Scientists break it down

Researchers at Imperial College London have enhanced the process of turning plant-based biomass into valuable products

Bri-stool turns toilet flushes to clean energy

The city is using raw sewage to generate renewable, low carbon poo-wer

Qantas biofuel flight cuts the mustard

The world’s first biofuel-powered flight between the US and Australia took place yesterday. Flying between Los Angeles and Melbourne, the Qantas flight used approximately 24,000 kilograms of blended biofuel, saving an estimated 18,000 kilograms of carbon emissions. The biofuel it used is processed from a non-food, industrial type of mustard seed that can be grown […]

Whiskey waste-to-biofuel site gets planning permission

A Scottish energy firm has secured planning permission to build a whisky residue biofuel plant at Grangemouth. Celtic Renewables’ commercial demonstrator facility is expected to produce more than half a million litres of the green fuel each year from waste products generated in the manufacture of the alcoholic beverage. The firm has launched a funding […]

Emissions grinding you down? London could save a latte…

Shell is working as part of a collaboration to power a number of London buses with biofuel made from waste coffee grounds. The energy giant is working with bio-bean to help scale-up its innovative B20 coffee oil-based biofuel. Buses and a number of other diesel vehicles can run using the fuel without need for any […]

Is North Korea rocketing towards algae energy?

North Korea could be growing algae in an attempt to diversify its energy resources and become more independent. That’s the suggestion from 38 North, part of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, which claims a blooming algae industry could allow the isolated nation to “mitigate the negative effects of sanctions both on the […]

Government told ‘biofuels could be essential in greening transport’

Advanced drop-in biofuels could be essential in decarbonising the shipping, aviation and heavy duty road vehicle sectors. That’s the suggestion made in a new Department for Transport commissioned study from consultancy E4tech, which states the technology will have to play a major role in the clean energy transition if the UK is to meet its […]