The Aussie Big Bang: Sydney’s local authority is now powered by 100% renewables

The new electricity deal will provide 115 buildings, including libraries, office buildings, parks and street lights with ‘green’ power

Sydney’s local authority is now 100% renewable after a new electricity deal.

Under a new power purchase agreement, the City of Sydney says it is now sourcing electricity from wind and solar farms in regional New South Wales to cover all its operations.

This includes approximately 115 buildings, including libraries, community halls, office buildings, 75 parks, five pools and 23,000 street lights.

The City of Sydney has signed a deal with an electricity retailer to source renewable energy from three different generators.

The energy company, Flow Power, has agreed to purchase an amount of electricity equivalent to 100% of the city’s usage, then add it to the grid.

About three-quarters of the power will be wind-generated and the remaining quarter will be generated by solar.

It says it is the ‘largest’ renewables agreement for an Australian council to date.

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