Can waves power oil and gas platforms?

A new study aims to explore the ability of a wave energy converter to decarbonise offshore oil and gas operations

Big Zero Report 2022

A new partnership has been launched to investigate the potential of powering offshore oil and gas platforms with wave power.

Oil and gas exploration and production company Lundin Energy Norway has partnered with the Swedish technology firm Ocean Harvesting Technologies for a study that will run until February next year and is expected to inform decisions on how to electrify offshore operations with wave energy.

The plan is to use a wave energy converter solution to provide clean, stable and cost-effective electricity to an offshore oil and gas platform.

Lundin Energy has committed to achieving carbon-neutrality from 2025.

Mikael Sidenmark, Chief Executive Officer at Ocean Harvesting Technologies, commented: “This case study, aiming to develop a specification and system design for a wave power installation at an oil and gas platform, will provide valuable input for Ocean Harvesting Technologies in better understanding the requirements for such an installation.

“The project will guide us through the early validation stages of our commercialisation.”

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