Next step for geothermal sourced from abandoned flooded coal mines

Water extracted from mines will be converted into low carbon heat for local buildings

Leeds greenlights £7.2m district heating extension

The scheme uses heat recovered from the waste of 10,700 homes

EDF to buy part of GE Steam Power’s nuclear activities

The proposed deal includes the latter company’s nuclear turbine unit in France, which comprises of the Arabelle turbine, claimed to be the world’s most powerful steam turbine in operation

World Bank approves $700m loan to boost Ecuador’s climate resilience

It will allow the government to continue its policies to address structural challenges to achieve fiscal sustainability as well as strengthen low carbon development and support the country’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050

China’s first megaton-scale CCUS project completed

Sinopec’s Qilu-Shengli Oilfield CCUS project is expected to reduce carbon emissions by one million tons per year, equivalent to removing 600,000 cars from the road

River water-powered ‘reverse fridge’ to heat UK council’s offices

Heat pumps will use refrigerant fluid and heat energy from a river to heat 19th-century mills

China to triple electricity generation to achieve its climate goals, Shell says

Electricity is forecast to supply nearly 60% of the country’s total energy, according to a new report

West Midlands village to give dead EV batteries a second life

Veolia will build a new facility that is predicted to process 20% of the UK’s end of life EV batteries by 2024

TransAlta completes coal phase out in Canada

The achievement follows the completion of the last of three planned coal to gas conversions at its Alberta Thermal power generation facilities

Big in the US: Biden sets out plan for ‘carbon-neutral’ government

The US President aims to slash the federal government’s carbon dioxide emissions by 65% by 2030