GRIDSERVE launches £100m EV charging project

The energy firm has unveiled plans to build 50 high-powered ‘electric hubs’ and more than 100 electric forecourts across the UK

Big Zero Report 2022

GRIDSERVE has today unveiled plans to develop a new massive £100 million electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure project.

The so-called GRIDSERVE Electric Highway will consist of a network of more than 50 high-powered ‘electric hubs’, 300 rapid chargers at more than 150 locations and more than 100 electric forecourts across the UK.

The company plans to deliver more than ten of these hubs this year.

A few days ago, GRIDSERVE announced it took over Ecotricity’s EV charging network.

Toddington Harper, Chief Executive Officer of GRIDSERVE, said: “GRIDSERVE’s purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change and the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, a network of easy-to-use, reliable, rapid and high power chargers right across the UK, is doing just that, eliminating charging anxiety and making driving electric an enjoyable, ultra-convenient and stress-free experience.”

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: “As we accelerate towards cleaner and greener transport, I’m delighted to see GRIDSERVE leading the charge in the EV charging revolution.

“The UK Government has already set out plans to invest £1.3bn in accelerating the roll out of charging infrastructure, targeting support for rapid chargepoints on motorways and major roads to erase any anxiety around long journeys.”

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