Eliminate excess energy spend in your electrified fleet

Electrifying your fleet is full of benefits for your company and they don’t need to stop once you’ve swapped internal combustion engines (ICE) for electric vehicles (EVs).

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You can continue to tot up the savings by ensuring that the drivers behind the wheel of your fleet know the best practices about economising their driving style.

In the same way as traditional ICE vehicles, insurance companies use telematics to provide their customers with a monthly driving score. Similar approaches can have a huge effect on your electrified fleet.

A 2010 Accenture study identified the key issue to EV adoption; they needed to be on a par with ICE in cost and performance. A lot of progress has been made to close the gap but Drax have put together some everyday tips to ensure that you’re getting the maximum range out of your fleet as possible.

Find out what this means for you and your business here.

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