Accenture invests in power and grid tech firm Reactive Technologies

The technology company will co-innovate with Accenture and its clients, working with experts to bring solutions to market ‘more quickly and more effectively’

Electricity pylon
‘Increasingly severe weather caused by climate change threatens grid operations’

That’s according to new research from Accenture, which is based on a survey of more than 200 electric utility executives from 28 countries

New collaboration targets IoT tech for sustainable energy networks

They will also analyse the growing role of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen on the energy mix of the future

Customers want personalised energy experience, survey finds

Consumers are interested in having energy management technologies in their homes, with a majority wanting a personalised experience. That’s according to a survey by Accenture, which asked around 10,000 people from 17 countries, including the UK, about this topic. It revealed 92% would be more satisfied if their energy provider could personalise their overall customer […]

New trial for smarter energy use

A new pilot programme to trial smarter energy use has been launched in Ireland. Electric Ireland has partnered with Accenture to introduce Connected Home solutions to its customers. The initiative will see 600 consumers trial the technology available for real-time, intelligent control of energy usage. They will receive smart plugs and a monitor to measure […]

‘Brits trust suppliers on data security than energy use advice’

A majority of consumers (67%) trust their energy supplier to protect their personal data than to advise them on their energy usage. That’s the result of a survey of more than 600 people across the nation. British consultancy Accenture said only 20% of consumers trust their supplier to inform them about actions they can take to optimise their energy use. It also […]

Fingers off the print button! World Paper Free Day nears

“Don’t print this email unless you really need to; think of the environment!” It’s a familiar note at the bottom of emails – and it’s set to take on global meaning on 6 November with the launch of World Paper Free Day. Businesses and consumers are called on to “banish” paper for the day by […]

“Only a quarter of people understand energy price rises”

A measly one in four (24%) Brits understand the reasons put forward by suppliers for recent energy price rises. The new poll suggests suppliers have a way to go to explain energy bills to customers. Meanwhile a majority of UK consumers (73%) believe their energy provider could do more to help them reduce their energy […]

Accenture and Siemens team up on smart grid business

Digital strategy and operations company Accenture is joining with engineering group Siemens to start a smart grid company. Called OMNETRIC, it’s offering utility companies ways to manage data and their business operations to improve energy efficiency, grid operations and reliability. It will combine technologies from managing electricity distribution to real-time grid operations with IT systems. […]

Smart grid is core to 98% of utilities’ strategy

An intelligent or ‘smart’ electricity grid is core to 98% of utilities’ future strategies, a new poll has found. Unsurprisingly an overwhelming majority said the smart grid is a natural extension of current upgrades to the electricity network. Gathering and handling information is also seen as key by the 54 utilities executives in 13 countries […]