How to make the business case for an electric vehicle fleet

As a corporate fleet manager, a procurement officer or an energy manager, you may be strongly convinced that electric vehicles (EVs) are part of your future transport mix. Or perhaps you’re just EV-curious.

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If you’re going to move forwards, you probably need other people – like key stakeholders – on board, and you may need to be persuasive. You’ll need a strong business case. But the onus to create one doesn’t necessarily fall on you.

Drax can help you assemble the ultimate business case as part of their service. Before recommending any evolution of your fleet, they’ll determine your fleet’s potential and make sure there’s mileage in converting your ICE vehicles.

But, even before then, they’ve got some ‘laying the groundwork’ recommendations. Think of this as ‘Step Zero’ – the preliminary things you should do. It’s a bit like “building the case for the business case”.

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