OGA launches £1m competition for electrification of offshore oil and gas

Electrification of offshore oil and gas is forecast to cut emissions equivalent to those produced every year from Liverpool households

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has launched a £1 million competition to support the electrification of offshore oil and gas production.

The initiative seeks to fund studies that will accelerate the electrification of offshore installations which are currently powered by gas or diesel.

It is estimated that power generates contributes to nearly two-thirds of oil and gas production emissions.

OGA estimates that powering installations using electricity either from a cable to the shore or from a nearby wind farm, could cut up to three million tonnes of carbon dioxide abatement per year (Mtpa).

That is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions from households in a city the size of Liverpool.

OGA Chief Executive Dr Andy Samuel said: “Electrification of oil and gas installations is a vital part of industry’s licence to operate and to meet its North Sea Transition Deal emissions reduction targets,

“This is also a big opportunity for industry to support offshore wind expansion, with lasting infrastructure that will provide benefits beyond oil and gas, long into the future.”

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