Low winds and ‘driest weather in 70 years’ hit SSE’s renewable generation

Output from SSE Renewables’ assets was down 32% between April and September, the company confirmed

Low winds and dry conditions of the UK weather this year have hit SSE’s renewable energy generation.

Renewables giant SSE said that output from SSE Renewables’ assets was down 32%, an estimated 11% shortfall on predicted total output for the entire year.

The figure reflects the change in renewable generation in the period from 1st April to 22nd September.

The company said: “This shortfall was driven by unfavourable weather conditions over the summer, which was one of the least windy across most of the UK and Ireland and one of the driest in SSE’s Hydro catchment areas in the last seventy years.”

SSE added that the requirement to buy back hedges in unstable markets also affected the performance of its assets.

SSE Renewables has also announced it has signed an agreement with Japanese developer Pacifico Energy, to create a joint ownership company that will develop offshore wind projects in Japan.

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