E.ON ‘stops offering natural gas contracts’

The company wrote on its website “we are currently unable to offer you natural gas products”

Soaring gas prices seem to have their impact not only in the UK’s energy market but also in its northwest neighbour Germany.

E.ON has written on its website in the section for its gas supply business solutions that “unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer you natural gas products.”

An E.ON spokesperson told ELN: “E.ON stands by its customers as a partner. Supply to customers with existing natural gas contracts will continue as normal.

“We have only been reviewing new customer contracts for a few days, as we must take the sharp rise in procurement costs into account in our pricing.”

A few days ago, the group’s UK division E.ON Next was appointed by Ofgem to take on customers of ENSTROGA, Igloo Energy and Symbio Energy that went bust.

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