Nigeria ‘first major developing nation’ to set carbon budgets

Africa’s most populous country has made the move following its pledge to achieve net zero by 2060 at COP26

Nigeria has pledged to set annual carbon budgets on its journey to achieving net zero emissions – making it one of the first major developing nations to do so.

The commitment follows its pledge to achieve net zero by 2060, which President Muhammadu Buhari signed during the COP26 climate summit.

The African nation will now set carbon budgets every five years to track its progress in mitigating emissions.

The carbon reduction strategy is based on the UK’s Climate Change Act from 2008, which set regular carbon budgets and will receive help from the British embassy in Abuja.

Nigeria is the continent’s largest oil producer and most populated country – so many have labelled this a big step in the right direction for African climate governance.

The US, Japan and Germany are some major emitters that have not set carbon budgets, so Nigeria is hoping to be a trailblazer not just for the developing world but also more developed nations.

Its first budget will be announced in November 2022, with one-year and five-year reduction aims.

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