Nigeria ‘first major developing nation’ to set carbon budgets

Africa’s most populous country has made the move following its pledge to achieve net zero by 2060 at COP26

Turning up the Heat: The Green Gas Levy

UK gas prices are currently amongst the lowest in Europe. Wholesale prices are highly competitive, taxes are relatively low, and for business users, at least, network costs account for a relatively low proportion of the bill.

Net zero: Andrea Leadsom urged to ‘act quickly’ on policies

The BEIS Committee has written to the minister to act on policies such as energy efficiency, electric vehicles and carbon capture, utilisation and storage

UK Government criticised for not addressing clean energy investment collapse

The government’s response to the Environmental Audit Committee’s report on green finance has been made public today

UK not on track to meet fourth and fifth carbon budgets

The nation’s climate advisers warn the public could face an ‘unnecessarily expensive deal’ unless action is taken now

Davey insists UK on track to meet carbon targets

The UK Government has insisted the nation is on track to meet its carbon reduction targets. Energy Secretary Ed Davey said yesterday the UK will meet its first three legally binding carbon budgets, which will see a 34% reduction in emissions by 2020. He was responding to a report published by the Committee on Climate […]

UK 'working hard' to cut emissions and tackle climate change

The UK Government is “working hard” to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change in a bid to reach its target of achieving 80% of reduction by 2050, Ed Davey insisted. The Energy Secretary was responding to a report published by the Environmental Audit Committee today on the progress of the UK’s current and future […]

Getting a new boiler? Get insulation too

Home owners replacing their boilers should also have to install efficiency measures like insulation, according to government climate advisers. Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change this week wrote to the Communities and Local Government department to ask for the two home improvements to be linked under new building laws. In a […]

UK will miss carbon targets unless drastic action is taken

Decarbonising businesses and households is a simple solution to tackling our emissions, but one that Government hasn’t been brave enough to implement. According to a panel speaking at the Energy Solutions Expo in London today, our current crop of politicians are more concerned with winning votes in the short term and not dealing with long […]

UK set to miss carbon budgets with current policies?

The UK won’t reach tight targets set in the carbon budgets, it has been predicted. Independent forecasting company Cambridge Econometrics used a computerised modeling system to make the predictions. Earlier this year, the government set itself the target of a 50% cut in emissions from 1990 levels for the fourth carbon budget, the period between […]