OVO Energy boss talks about the “cuddle your pet to stay warm” mail

Stephen Fitzpatrick apologised for the mail sent to customers and said “somebody had a bad day”

The boss of OVO Energy, the company that advised customers to eat porridge and cuddle pets to stay warm talked about the unfortunate event of that mail sent to customers.

Speaking on the BBC, Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, said: “I would like to start by apologising again. It is, unfortunately, the case that we are a large company and somebody had a bad day, they sent out an email and we should have caught it.

“It is an email that never should have been written.”

The mail said: “Ginger keeps you warm by encouraging blood flow, but beware of chilli as it makes you sweat, so you will feel cooler.”

Mr Fitzpatrick added: “I think it was probably meant with good intentions but this is the kind of email that causes a lot of upset. Nobody takes the situation facing British customers more seriously than I do so it is really upsetting and embarrassing.”

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