NI families to get one-off payments of £200 for energy bills

People who are needing support most will receive the payment

Homes in Northern Ireland will soon receive a one-off payment as support to help vulnerable families facing soaring energy bills.

Minister for Communities Deirdre Hargey said: “Today I am announcing funding to heat over 280,000 families. This will see people getting an automatic £200 payment to help them with rising energy bills.

“I know that many families are struggling with the cost of living crisis and huge global hikes on the price of fuel. That is why I have stepped in to deliver this funding and ensure that low-paid workers and families are supported.”

Ms Hargey added that the British Government must scrap VAT on energy bills to further cut household bills and relieve pressure on ordinary people.

Although the Prime Minister had already dismissed the measure as a “blunt instrument”, a recent poll suggested a staggering 93% of those living in the so-called Red Wall constituencies backed the idea of scrapping VAT on energy bills.

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