‘Windy Pete’ on ELN: “My own wind turbine powers 17 households”

A retired engineer who supplies energy to his local community through his 50kW turbine spoke to ELN about the scheme

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A 69-year-old retired engineer from Dorset has reportedly become the UK’s first individual to supply homes with energy from his own wind turbine.

Peter Bailey, known as ‘Windy Pete’ spoke to ELN about how it feels to be an energy generator by himself for 17 households with many others on a waiting list: “I actually started generating power back in 2012, so it’s been quite a few years. I wanted to supply a local business park but it just became impractical and almost impossible to do.”

Mr Bailey admitted that it was “quite an expensive project”. He said: “It was quite a few hundred thousand to install the machine and also the infrastructure.”

He said it was not until last year that he was invited to join the cooperative with householders called Energy Local Bridport.

The perks of being a generator found him receiving nearly 50% more money than he would earn by selling the energy to utility providers.

The scheme also offers savings for each home, about £60 a year.

He said: “The whole idea of the scheme is that I gain a bit and they gain a bit. It depends of course on how much they get to use, but yes there will be significant savings all the way around. So, it means that it is just not going through the national grid. It is distributed through the local substation that I feed.”

Watch the video to listen to the entire interview.

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