People are flying over UK wind farms

New technology designed to offer aid support for wind farms has been trialled in North West England

Humans could join flocks of birds flying near wind turbines – no, that is not a scene from a Netflix series, it is just a trial of a new technology designed to explore the viability of a jet suit for paramedics for the wind industry.

The technology has been developed to support renewable energy operations in areas with limited or no access to conventional transport modes.

The flying suit, which is ultimately designed to improve the way emergency first responses are applied at offshore wind projects, has been trialled in the Lake District, North West England.

The offering is a result of a new partnership between Ørsted with Great North Air Ambulance Service and Gravity Industries.

Peter Teglman Schiøler, Product Owner for Operations & Maintenance Logistics at Ørsted, said: “With safety at the forefront of everything we do, we want to explore ways of getting emergency help to our colleagues in times of need.”

Richard Browning, Founder and Chief Test Pilot at Gravity Industries, said: “Our drive for creating the Suit came from wanting to challenge what seemed like the impossible and to now see it being used for areas of special forces mobility and First Response Search and Rescue, it’s very exciting.”

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