E.ON uses drone tech for speedy home assessments to boost energy efficiency

The energy supplier’s drone pilot surveyors are helping assess the suitability of customers’ homes for solar panels, air source heat pumps and insulation

Energy supplier E.ON is using drone technology to carry out quicker home assessments and provide “accurate and immediate” information to help customers boost energy efficiency.

Using body-worn mobile laser scanners and thermal analysis, the company’s drone pilot surveyors can assess walls, floors and ceilings, which is combined with drone images of the property’s roof and surrounding areas to assess their suitability for solar panels, air source heat pumps and insulation.

E.ON says this is making the process of quicker and more efficient compared with measuring by hand using laser or tape, with the data stored like an “energy passport”, removing the need for subsequent visits to the same property if further improvement works are later carried out.

Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON UK said: “This is in effect a home and energy health assessment – done by drone in under an hour and giving an inside-out image of all the areas where we can improve energy efficiency and make homes more comfortable for customers, as well as helping to reduce bills and carbon emissions.

“Something like 19 million homes across the country are in urgent need of improvement but we know homeowners can often be left confused by the range of energy saving options. Our eye in the sky drone technology gives an accurate and speedy assessment of the most suitable and sustainable technologies. ”

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