Ukraine ‘could become a vital supplier of renewable energy to Europe’

Ukraine geographically and climatically has a “huge potential” for the development of renewables, DTEK Executive Director has said

Big Zero Report 2022

Ukraine could play a vital role as a supplier of renewable energy in the European energy markets.

That’s the suggestion from the Executive Director of Ukraine’s largest energy group, DTEK as the Russia-Ukraine war entered its 49th day.

In an online speech at an energy conference held in Warsaw, Dmytro Sakharuk said: “Europe’s refusal to buy Russian energy resources will lead to the growing demand for renewable energy. 

“I see the perspective where Ukraine can play a more important role in the European energy landscape as a supplier of a significant amount of green electricity to the EU.”

Mr Sakharuk noted that Ukraine has geographic and climate benefits, a “huge potential” for the development of renewable resources.

He added that Ukraine has an expanded network of transmission lines allowing green electricity transmitting to Europe.

Last month, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy told ELN half of Ukraine’s renewable energy sector is threatened with destruction because of the war.

The Chair of the IEEE Ukraine Section also spoke to ELN about the importance of Ukraine’s grid synchronisation with Europe.

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