Boris – cost of living rise can’t be avoided

The Prime Minister has said “no government can realistically shield everyone from the cost of living impact”

The Prime Minister has said the UK will overcome the “aftershocks” of the pandemic though it will affect the cost of living.

Mr Johnson said aftershocks of Covid-19 and the “biggest war in Europe since 1945” are creating disruption around the world, with all major economies facing cost of living pressures.

He said: “No country is immune and no government can realistically shield everyone from the impact. We will get through the aftershocks of Covid-19, just as we got through Covid.

“With every ounce of ingenuity and compassion and hard work, not by irresponsible spending which merely treats the symptoms of rising prices while creating an even bigger problem for tomorrow.

“By urgently pressing on with our mission to create the high-wage, high-skilled jobs that will drive economic growth across the UK.”

Boris Johnson said that is the “long-term sustainable” solution to ease the burden on families and businesses.

He said: “That is the way to get our country back on track after the pandemic to unite and level up across our whole country.”

Yesterday, the Queen’s Speech unveiled an Energy Bill to support the UK’s efforts to ensure “cheaper, cleaner and secure” energy.

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