ELN at AVEVA PI World 2022: “Energy efficiency is one of the key levers for 2030 goals”

Barbara Frei who leads Schneider Electric’s global Industrial Automation Business spoke to ELN about the role of digital innovation in business growth

Big Zero Report 2022

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Energy efficiency could be one of the key levers for companies and countries if they want to make certain achievements regarding their climate goals by 2030.

That’s the suggestion from Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation of Schneider Electric who spoke to ELN during AVEVA PI World 2022 at Amsterdam about the progress companies are making on sustainability.

Ms Frei said: “There are other areas like hydrogen and so on, but this will take more time. So, energy efficiency is the thing that we need to emphasise and work on in a systematic way.”

Click the video to watch the entire interview.

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