Low carbon tech could slash £2,000 off annual household energy bills

New research has estimated that the installation of solar panels could bring an annual saving of £586 a year

A combination of green technologies could reduce energy bills by up to £1,878 a year.

That’s according to new analysis from WWF and ScottishPower which found installing low carbon technologies, including solar panels and heat pumps could cut emissions from energy by nearly 95% during the lifetime of these systems and increase property values by an average of £10,000.

The research also suggests solar panels could boost householders’ finances by £586 a year, in electricity savings and selling any surplus back to the grid.

The report which analysed five million house sales in England and Wales also found that installing an air source heat pump could increase the sales value by up to £8,000.

Isabella O’Dowd, Head of Climate at WWF-UK, said: “Accelerating the rollout of low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency is the best way to ensure the UK’s energy security, shield homeowners from the high price of fossil fuels, and protect the planet.

“To ensure that a wide range of people benefit, the government must improve incentives for installing low-carbon technologies and provide more financial support and advice to homeowners and landlords.”

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