Smart meter data sparks new privacy row

Experts have warned that smart meters contain sensitive data, which when shared with others make households more vulnerable

Smart meters

Collecting and processing data from householdssmart meters leave customers more vulnerable to a variety of risks.

In October, the government confirmed that it would be using data from smart meters to get better insights into the rollout of the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) scheme.

However, experts suggest that this process could result in a breach of confidentiality and privacy.

Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead said: “This proposal is an outrageous piece of private data-plundering and goes against every assurance put in place concerning the privacy of data generated from smart meter use.

“It needs to be stopped immediately. There are many other ways to check on possible fraud in obtaining EPG refunds.”

Nick Hunn, Founder of consultancy firm WiFore, commented: “Customers were promised their smart meter data would only ever be shared with their supplier. For the government to go back on this without a consultation sets a dangerous precedent.”

ELN has approached BEIS for comment.

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