Germany urged to create a national gas reserve

The head of the country’s network regulator has said there are gas supply worries that need to be addressed for the coming winter season 2023/24

The chief of Germany’s electricity and gas network regulator has highlighted the need for a “strategic gas reserve” to future-proof the country against a possible supply crisis.

Speaking to reporters late on Monday, Klaus Mueller said: “Apart from the Gas Storage Act, there is no strategic gas reserve in Germany.”

Mr Mueller stressed the importance of a new storage law and explained that although German gas supplies were not at risk for this winter, officials should start looking at measures to support the reserves for the winter season 2023/24.

The briefing comes after Germany missed its gas-saving target last week due to cold weather – Mr Mueller said: “In the third week of January we saved little gas due to temperature. Industry, household and commercial sectors saved collectively around 9%.

“Despite well-stocked gas reserves and important new LNG terminals, we need 20% savings for 2023/24.”

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