Germany urged to create a national gas reserve

The head of the country’s network regulator has said there are gas supply worries that need to be addressed for the coming winter season 2023/24

Ofgem will reportedly urge people to cut energy usage

The regulator will allegedly reveal later today a campaign to urge Britons reduce their electricity and gas usage

Germany to slash tax on household energy bills

VAT on gas has been cut to 7% to help people with soaring energy costs

Fears grow for UK winter blackouts

There is reportedly a “one in ten chance of four to five days” this winter in which some consumers will lose power for a short period of time

Is the UK set for ‘four-day blackouts’ to save energy?

Libraries, government buildings and railway stations will reportedly be asked to close in the event of energy shortages this winter

Lithuania seeks to cut ties with Russian grid earlier

Lithuania’s President said the fastest decoupling would increase the energy security of the Baltic countries

Nearly six million UK homes ‘could be hit by power cuts due to energy shortage’

Experts have warned that energy-intensive industries will be the first to feel the pinch

Countries to release 60m barrels of oil in light of Russia-Ukraine war

The IEA Ministers reiterated their support for sanctions imposed on Russia

Could Ukraine-Russia conflict make more UK small energy firms go bust?

A possible escalation in the ongoing crisis could more than double the UK gas price’s peak in December

Is Europe moving towards joint gas buying to fight against soaring energy prices?

The proposals reportedly aim to create gas reserves that EU state members could rely on in periods of crisis