Net zero will not make us poorer, says Chris Skidmore

The UK’s net zero architect has said there are two divergence paths for the UK, net zero or not zero and the latter is not “feasible”

Net zero remains the only “feasible” path for the UK to materialise all its future ambitions.

Speaking during Energy Institute’s International Energy Week, Chris Skidmore said: “We have got to be able to challenge this narrative that somehow suggests that net zero makes us poorer and colder.

“It’s gonna make us warmer and richer. Let’s get out and demonstrate it’s not just taxpayer money that’s gonna be funding net zero, but it’s gonna be private investment companies like yourselves that gonna be making that investment because you see the attractive opportunity of rates of return in renewable economics.

“And that’s here comes for energy efficiency as much as it does for energy supply.”

International Energy Week this year focuses on transitioning out of the geopolitical and environmental crises facing energy.

Mr Skidmore, who was responsible for the UK’s Net Zero Review which was launched a few months ago, said there are two divergence paths ahead for the UK – net zero or not zero.

Not zero is not feasible, he said as it would lead to divestment of investment “that will simply go elsewhere to countries providing long-term energy policy stability and investment.”

Chris Skidmore added: “We led on net zero. We became the first G7 country to do so in the world. We are, uh, respected and renowned for our advanced policies on tackling climate change.

“We now have an opportunity to think ahead about how we want to retain that leadership. And ensure that we remain a leader of net zero for the future.”

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