Two out, two In: Ofgem’s decision on multi-purpose interconnectors

Ofgem has excluded two proposed Multi-Purpose Interconnectors projects connecting to Norway from its pilot scheme

Underwater cable being laid

Energy regulator Ofgem has made an announcement regarding the Multi-Purpose Interconnectors (MPI) pilot scheme.

Following the application window, which ran from September to October 2022, four pilot scheme applications were received.

In December, Ofgem announced it would be moving forward with two MPI pilot projects, developed by National Grid Ventures, to connect to Belgium and the Netherlands.

However, the decision on the remaining two projects, which proposed connecting to Norway, was paused while awaiting further clarity from Norwegian authorities.

Now, after discussions between UK and Norwegian authorities, it appears the MPI Pilot scheme’s development timeline will not align with Norway’s timelines for MPI development, rendering the two Norwegian projects ineligible.

Ofgem will continue to collaborate with relevant Norwegian authorities and will welcome applications to Norway in future MPI application windows.

The two eligible pilot projects, Eurolink to the Netherlands and Nautilus to Belgium will undergo a needs case assessment in the coming months to ensure they are in the interest of UK consumers.

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