Renewable energy is “watt” it takes for economic growth, says study

Almost 90% of Scotland’s renewable energy supply chain believe renewable energy is the biggest economic opportunity facing the country, according to a new study

Scotland’s renewable energy supply chain sees renewable energy as the most significant economic opportunity for the country, with almost 90% of the industry supporting this view.

That’s according to the fourth edition of the Supply Chain Impact Statement by trade body Scottish Renewables, which showcases the businesses and organisations involved in Scotland’s renewable energy industry.

Of the 45 organisations featured in this year’s Supply Chain Impact Statement, 89% believe renewable energy is the largest economic opportunity for Scotland, 94% have invested in upskilling and 83% have recruited new employees as a result of opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

The renewable energy industry in Scotland supports over 27,000 jobs and is worth £5.6 billion to the Scottish economy.

According to Emma Harrick, the Head of Energy Transition and Supply Chain at Scottish Renewables, Scotland’s renewable energy supply chain is crucial in delivering major infrastructure projects such as onshore and offshore wind farms, which are vital to achieving the country’s net zero ambitions.

Jamie Maxton, Head of External Affairs at SSE Renewables noted that Scotland is uniquely positioned to capitalise on its abundant wind resources, with a mature onshore wind market and a vast pipeline of offshore wind projects.

Furthermore, he highlighted the opportunity for Scotland to lead the world in the development of floating offshore wind technology.

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