North West leads in installation of energy efficiency measures

Around 9% of households in the UK have had Energy Company Obligation measures installed, government data shows

Nearly one-fifth of all Energy Company Obligation (ECO) measures installed have been concentrated in the North West of England.

That’s according to new government data which suggests the region has emerged as a frontrunner in embracing energy efficiency initiatives.

The statistics further reveal that approximately 9% of households across the UK have benefited from ECO measures installed.

Breaking down the figures for the first quarter of 2023, England accounted for the majority of installations with 81% of all measures, equivalent to 34,300 installations.

Scotland and Wales followed with 7% (3,000 measures) and 12% (5,100 measures) respectively.

Within England, the West Midlands boasted the highest regional delivery, with around 7,400 measures installed, accounting for approximately 17% of the overall installations.

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