Customers raise concerns over ‘unexpectedly high’ energy bills from OVO

Customers reportedly express concerns over high energy bills, following alleged miscalculations and issues with smart meter installations

Several OVO Energy customers have reportedly claimed to have received shockingly high energy bills.

According to the BBC, some customers have reported that their energy usage was inaccurately calculated after switching to OVO Energy or getting a smart meter installed.

One of these customers, Katie Nicholls, a customer residing in a two-bed flat in Bristol, allegedly received an exceptionally high electricity bill in December 2021.

Instead of her usual average monthly bill of around £50, she was charged over £2,000 for that month’s electricity consumption.

A few days ago, energy regulator Ofgem announced that Good Energy and OVO would provide a combined compensation of £2.7 million to overcharged customers, with an additional £1.25 million contributed to Ofgem’s redress fund for vulnerable consumers.

An OVO spokesperson said: “We’re very sorry to these five customers for the shortfalls in service. Their experience does not reflect our focus to provide a high standard of customer service for all our customers.

“Our teams have looked into the cases shared with us by the BBC with urgency and in many cases provided a resolution. Our teams are here to help customers who are worried and provide them with the support and advice they need.”

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