ESG supercharges energy industry footprint with Pandell acquisition

ESG has acquired Pandell, enhancing its energy software solutions for industry leaders worldwide

ESG, a global leader in energy SaaS solutions, has announced the acquisition of Pandell, a next-generation software platform for the energy sector.

ESG, a leading provider of energy sector solutions, offers unparalleled market and meter data management to facilitate the energy transition.

With a focus on utilities, pipeline and storage and retail energy providers, ESG delivers a comprehensive platform that optimises the customer-to-cash process.

The acquisition bolsters ESG’s position as a comprehensive software platform for energy customers.

The strategic move aligns with ESG’s vision of becoming the end-to-end software provider, supporting energy leaders in navigating the dynamic global energy landscape.

With a focus on market and asset management in North America and the UK, ESG combines sector expertise, technological innovation and a SaaS architecture to deliver widely adopted software solutions in global energy retail markets.

Currently serving over 300 prominent energy players and more than 40 million end users worldwide, ESG is committed to empowering the industry.

Pandell, known for its cutting-edge SaaS software platform, optimises operations for more than 500 energy companies across Canada, the US and worldwide.

By offering innovative products in land, GIS, accounting, and field software, Pandell caters to a diverse range of energy sectors, including oil and gas, utilities and renewables.

By streamlining processes, improving efficiency and providing advanced analytics capabilities, Pandell empowers energy companies to navigate the complexities of the industry and maximise their operational performance.

Matt Hirst, Chief Executive Officer of ESG, has emphasised the company’s mission to provide mission-critical software solutions to the energy sector.

With a combination of market experience and technological expertise, ESG has helped energy retailers, traders, and infrastructure companies navigate the evolving energy landscape, meet consumer demands, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Hirst said: “Our market experience paired with technology expertise have long helped energy retailers, traders, and asset infrastructure companies to stay ahead of an ever-changing energy landscape, consumer demands and regulatory requirements.

“With the addition of Pandell, we now serve customers across a broader portion of the energy value chain. We are excited to welcome the brilliant Pandell team to ESG and jointly bring more solutions to the table that help energy players stay ahead as the world works toward energy transition, helping our customers unleash the power in their hands.”

Greg Chudiak, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Pandell has recognised the complexities faced by energy companies as they balance optimising current operations with meeting net zero commitments and rising consumer expectations.

Greg Chudiak added: “Energy companies are facing a complex environment, having to navigate what they must do “today” to optimise their operations, but also to stay ahead of the demands of “tomorrow” to meet net zero commitments and rising consumer expectations.

“They need help understanding and capitalising on this transition. And by combining ESG’s broad suite of solutions with our companies’ collective deep sector expertise, we are poised to light the path for energy companies wherever they are on their energy transition journey. I couldn’t be more excited of what lies ahead for our employees and our customers.”

The partnership aims to provide valuable insights and capabilities to both customers and end consumers.

ESG and Pandell, together, serve companies across the energy value chain, driving operational efficiency and unlocking growth opportunities.

Their united efforts aim to support the energy industry’s ongoing transition and provide actionable insights to energy consumers.

ESG’s acquisition of Pandell is expected to strengthen its position as a leading energy software provider.

With their combined capabilities and comprehensive suite of solutions, ESG is poised to support energy leaders worldwide as they navigate the ever-changing energy landscape and drive toward a sustainable future.

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