Octopus makes a ‘Gale’-stonbury entrance with giant wind turbine

The wind turbine will power food stands at Glastonbury Festival

Energy supplier Octopus Energy will introduce a large wind turbine at Glastonbury Festival to power the food stands.

A 20-metre-tall wind turbine was installed in just one day – it will work together with solar panels and a battery to provide clean energy to food vendors.

The wind turbine and solar panels will generate an estimated 300kWh of energy daily, enough to power 300 refrigerators.

The partnership between Octopus Energy and Glastonbury Festival aims to further promote renewable energy use and create a greener festival experience.

Greg Jackson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy Group, commented: “When I met Emily I was immediately struck by so many shared values. What was planned to be a short meeting went on for hours as we discussed what makes for a better world.

“I am excited to be able to not only generate green energy at the Festival but to work together for the long term too.”

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