Fixed energy tariff challenges July price cap

So Energy offers a one-year fixed deal for electricity and gas that costs £27 less than the average bill price from July

A major energy supplier has announced the launch of a competitive fixed energy deal that offers a lower price compared to the upcoming price cap set to take effect in July.

So Energy is offering a 12-month fixed tariff priced at £2,047, which is £27 cheaper than the average cost of bills set to take effect from 1st July.

The exclusive deal will be available to a limited number of new customers through the comparison website Uswitch.

Existing So Energy customers will also have the option to sign up for the same tariff directly with the company.

Natalie Mathie, Energy Expert at Uswitch, commented: “Most of the fixed energy deals currently available are for existing customers only, so the fact that we can offer this to new customers is an encouraging sign that competition is returning to the market.” 

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