High concerns over energy bills persist, with 66% of UK households worried

Rising energy prices and the end of support schemes contribute to ongoing anxiety over electricity bills, according to a survey

A significant number of people in the UK remain deeply worried about their energy bills.

That’s according to the latest Public Attitudes Tracker survey by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, conducted in Spring 2023, which suggests nearly 66% of respondents expressed either a “very worried” (29%) or “fairly worried” (37%) sentiment regarding their electricity bills over the past three months.

Interestingly, this figure marks a slight increase compared to the findings from the previous year’s survey, where 64% of respondents reported similar concerns.

The survey also found no change in the proportion of people stating they were “not very worried” or “not at all worried,” with 27% expressing this sentiment in both Spring 2022 and Spring 2023.

A survey conducted before the widespread increase in energy prices triggered by soaring natural gas prices and the conflict in Ukraine showed that people were deeply worried about paying their bills.

The introduction of the Energy Price Guarantee and the Energy Bill Support Scheme provided some relief, but the delay in planned increases and the end of the support schemes led to increased payments.

The survey has also revealed that, like in Spring 2022, the majority of people in Spring 2023 were primarily troubled by the financial burden of paying their energy bills.

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